Punta Cana Shop

Punta Cana Shop

Punta Cana Shop is a Business directory on two languages (English - Spanish), working with local businesses in Punta Cana, Bavaro. Our main goal is to help local businesses (stores, boutiques, rent a car agencies, restaurants etc) and services to get more business leads through our site. We just started, for now our clients are: Jireh Beauty Salon, Extreme Intimo boutique, Perales Rent a Car, Punta Cana Poker Club, Ñam Ñam Snack Bar and computer repair store PC Emergency Bavaro.

What separate us from other, similar websites, is more professional approach to online marketing and more personal relationship with our costumers. Instead of counting pixels and millimeters for publishing space, we are giving to our clients full page with contact details, contact form going directly to their email, logo, unlimited number of pictures, text with description, price lists of products... It is like having your personal one-page website, with full promotion and SEO services included!

Internet boom changed everything, transforming online world into a big marketing platform. Online promotion is all about marketing and promoting your site to as many online potential clients as possible. The fact is - if you want to be successful in offline business, you must use some new systems that involve online techniques of promotion. Its simply not enough to print flyers, billboards, do a cold calling or leaving visit cards all over the neighborhood ; that worked 5 or 10 years ago but now is not nearly effective like before. Other big negative factor with offline advertising is the price, particularly when using printed material. Price can be prohibitive.

As such, the visibility of your business to the online community is significant moment. Even if you are selling products and services which are of higher quality than those of your competitors, your business will be much slower or even fail if your online presence is weaker than theirs. For all reasons mentioned, you decide to take action. In possible scenario, you bought domain name and hosting server, payed a web designer to made site, and now you just have to prepare yourself for a hundreds of potential clients to pour in and leave their money with you, right? Wrong ! Even if bookmarked and submitted in main search engines (basic submissions that most of web designers will do for you), it is not guarantee that your site will be visible when potential customers search for your type of services or products. It is just a website like many others, with same or similar products and services like yours; the competition on the internet is getting tougher day after day and every business want to be on the first page of search engines and get more leads, just like you.

The unpleasant truth is that your site will not all of the sudden get position on first page of search engines, even second or third page. Making a website is just a first step; making it to be visible in Google, Yahoo, Bing and start generating leads is another story. You have to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or to hire SEO experts to do all the hard work for you. It is a long, expensive process and combination of various techniques that I will not explain in this article. The point is that money invested for hosting server, design of site and SEO services after the website is done can be measured in thousands of dollars, and for a lot of small businesses and local stores that is not an option, it is just a one big expense more in their book.

Number of benefits that you can have with us for the fraction of the price that you can expect anywhere else is giving you a big advantage from the beginning. Most important factor: faster success in search engines visibility for keywords related to your services. We are working on social media promotion strategies and implementing different SEO techniques, to make better in search engines for all our clients and improve visibility of client's products and services on the best possible way. Very often our directory is better positioned than client's original website. Getting quality online presence was never been easier. The way how we are highlighting your contact details and description of products and services is definitely the best way to differentiate your company from other websites and help in getting more leads and profits. This is why publishing your business in Punta Cana Shop business directory is much better and cheaper solution than going through full process alone.

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